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my services

Logo and branding

Business card


Visual and social media management

Promotional visuals and displays

Catalog or leaflet

Business launch

Digital presentation

Graphic signature for web projects

Artistic direction

Adult novel layout

Children's novel layout

Youth album layout

Cover graphic

Cover illustration

Interior spot illustration

Children's album illustration

Promotional visual

Custom illustration


Animal Portrait

Personalized greeting card

Sketch and tattoo concept

Workshop: How to get started & illustrate
a youth album?

Workshop: Better understanding

Workshop: Story time
& drawing chat


who, why & how?


My name is Éliane Champagne and I have always been passionate about the arts.
From a young age, I knew that creativity would be at the heart of my life.

For me, graphic design goes well beyond the image: it is a way of expressing
his creativity, to tell stories and to inspire others. Whether for photomontages, layouts, illustrations or social media management, I bring a touch of fun and punch to all my creations. My passion for art and my commitment to excellence make me a collaborator of choice for anyone who wants to bring their most daring ideas to life!

I like to stand out with my innovative, sensitive approach and my unique artistic flair. Inspiring my clients to explore their creativity and supporting them step by step to achieve their vision is at the heart of my priorities.

Do you have a creative idea in mind? Contact me today and together we can create captivating and inspiring visuals to take your business to new heights!

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together .